Cluster Competition

Sporting Start are experienced providers of Cluster Competitions having provided Level 1 competitions to the Boroughbridge cluster over the past 2 years. We have also developed a new sporting Cluster in the North Selby area that feeds into the Selby Cluster.

Level 1 Competition

Level 1 sporting competition is something the children participate in during our PE lessons, Sports Day, After School Clubs and Enrichment Programmes.

Level 1 competition is where children from the school participate in different sports against each other in teams or house groups to learn and understand healthy competition and fair play.

Cluster Competitions

Cluster competitions are a very important part of competitive school sports. It is an opportunity for children to compete and challenge themselves in completions against children from other schools. In each cluster there are up to 12 schools, all local to one another. Fair play and healthy competition are a priority at these events. The successful schools will go onto compete in an area competition and if successful at this level will go on to compete in the North Yorkshire Youth Games.

We are proud to have supported many individual children and school teams from within our clusters, who have reached Youth Games Final, with a number of County winners.